How often should we redesign our website?

Redesign Your Website

Wondering whether it’s time for a revamp? While a fresh look and some attractive features might instantly jazz up your website, first, it is important to figure out if you really need to redesign your website. There are two reasons why websites are usually redesigned. The first one is pretty basic - periodic overhaul. Every few years, a website must be redesigned to ensure that it is technically and aesthetically in line with the latest trends.

The second is more of a necessity. Is your website fulfilling your business needs? If a ‘no’ immediately pops in your head, it’s time to make some changes. These changes can be broadly categorized into -
- Cosmetic changes- to ensure the right vibe and feel.
- Technical changes- to fix broken links, defunct pages, compatibility issues with certain tools.

If you are not getting results consistently, you might need a content revamp or a better SEO strategy. In the end, the most important purpose of a website is to attract and engage users.

Most companies redesign their websites every 2-3 years on average. While some sections can be updated as per changing business goals, a complete overhaul may not be needed more frequently. The best way to decide is through a detailed review of several parameters. Undertake lead generation and SEO assessments, content audits, and technical checks. These are the most crucial aspects in terms of results.

Eventually, budget and manpower will also come into the picture. Redesigning the website can be a time and labor-intensive process. The investment and returns must be carefully evaluated before making any decision.




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